Financial Forecasting

The built environment is comprised of myriad ownership structures, all with one commonality: the need to understand what it costs to be in business.  Long- and short-term financial objectives are driven by many factors, but the cost to run the buildings themselves is key to not only profitability but compliance and the health and safety of the occupant.


There are two components that The Navitas Group focuses on under which all line items can be addressed:


Capital Budget and Operations & Maintenance Budgeting:


Capital Budget – Addressing replacement and upgrades to the facility.  Helping to make the determination as to whether an item is replaced now, or next year, the following year, etc.  Much of what we do is to help determine the need for either waiting or not and looking for financial incentives including outsourced funding, utility and state rebates and qualified returns on investment, in addition to asset valuation


Operation & Maintenance – We help to budget for the day-to-day.  By understanding your portfolio and the staff who run the assets, we can better assess what needs to be budgeted in order to keep the house in order and, to help ensure that you pay as little as necessary to operate optimally.