Building Performance Optimization (BPO)

Buildings have complex infrastructures and physical plants that need to be maintained and operated effectively.  Occupants rely on facility professionals to ensure that the systems are safe, secure and reliable.  Maintaining a building is just the first step in optimizing the performance.  Many buildings with complex systems and equipment require not only to maintained but to be managed in accordance with a plan to optimize their performance.  This requires professionals who understand the myriad system in buildings and what makes them tick!


The Navitas Group will develop a bespoke building performance optimization (BPO) strategy for your building or portfolio of buildings. We will…


  • Evaluate your current facility infrastructure, e.g., equipment types, controls in place
  • Make recommendations on upgrades and replacements
  • Implement third-party software for system optimization
  • Develop building automation specifications and assist in the plan to implement
  • Provide Energy Auditing and Retro-Commissioning services to develop a plan for optimizing the facility’s systems and identify remediation
  • Implement the following equation:




ESBEnergy Star Benchmarking

UCMUtility Cost Management & Risk Mitigation

A&REnergy Auditing and Retro-Commissioning

R&PMRepairs and Performance Monitoring

HPBHigh Performance Building


High Performance Buildings come about through the efforts of qualified professionals and through a commitment by building owners and managers.  The Navitas Group will implement this process, so your building’s performance is optimized, reducing waste and enhancing the quality of the environment, both indoor and out.