Energy & Sustainability Master Planning

Being in business means that you have a responsibility to the people in your organization and to the society that purchases your products and services. Operating your business responsibly means minimizing waste and addressing social issues that affect people and the planet.


Companies need to have a commitment to the triple bottom line – Societal, Environmental and Financial.

The Navitas Group will develop and help implement your organization’s strategy for Sustainability and Energy & Waste Management.


We will help define what this means to your organization and develop collateral information for implementation and management going forward.  Your company’s culture of environmental stewardship shall be defined through…


  • Meetings with C-Suite to gain buy in and support
  • Evaluation of current plans and programs in place
  • Development of a Carbon Reduction plan that includes investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy purchase as well as waste management
  • Development of a roadmap for implementation
  • Assistance in the designation of champions for the effort including a sustainability council and chief sustainability officer
  • Identification and implementation of an energy and waste stream platform for reporting and management of the process
  • Assistance in securing LEED certifications for new and existing buildings
  • Performance and management of Energy Star Benchmarking for all properties in a portfolio that qualify
  • Assessment of the viability of new technologies which may include piloting products and implementing measurement and verification in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)
  • Assistance in the purchase of third-party electricity and natural gas procurement as well
    • Solar development projects
    • Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs)
    • Combined Heat & Power project development and project management