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Comprehensive Facility Management Advisors
Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate, Retail 


Being in business means that you have a responsibility to the people in your organization and to the society that purchases your products and services. Operating your business responsibly means minimizing waste and addressing social issues that affect people and the planet.

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Project Management

We have developed a deep understanding of the five phases of project management and can perfectly execute every component.  From concept and initiation, planning, execution,  performance/monitoring, and project close.  Navitas Group can help.


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Operations & Maintenance

The key to equipment and system longevity is a well-structured O&M strategy. Equipment is expensive to purchase and more so to replace, especially if it is before its useful life. Well maintained equipment and systems will mitigate the need for early replacement and ensure that the cost to operate is reduced.

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Building Performance Optimization (BPO)

Buildings have complex infrastructures and physical plants that need to be maintained and operated effectively. Occupants rely on facility professionals to ensure that the systems are safe, secure and reliable.

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Safety & Security

Vital to the lifeblood of any organization is the safety and security of its occupants.

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Financial Forecasting

Data-driven life cycle forecasting minimizes costly downtime.

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Strategic Sourcing

Procurement strategies for all facets of facilities related materials, equipment and services.

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